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  • Jaylene and the Killer Whale

    ***This is an assignment I did for my interactive class*** Jaylene Clark was the mastermind behind the spoken word performance “Renaissance in the Belly of a Killer Whale.” The play stemmed from a random Facebook status she wrote before she was on her way to a poetry reading, and wrote: “It’s time to stop dipping … Continue reading

    Beach Bum in the Big Apple Part 2: Self discovery in New York

    I like NY by Utpal Pande: google.com

    Living with a bunch of strangers is the best way to discover who you really are. Luckily, I’m what you would call a “people person.” And thankfully, having an extrovert personality has helped me connect with a good core group of friends at my apartment building and at school. The funny thing is, it’s weird meeting people … Continue reading

    Beach Bum in the Big Apple…

    Overlooking Spanish Harlem

    I was pretty sure when my parents were going to be kissing me goodbye before catching a cab to JFK I would ultimately, immediately, cry myself to sleep. Of course I cried! I was completely freaked out. They left me alone in NYC with no knowledge really of living on my own. I have been … Continue reading


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