Facebook, Twitter exceeding “status” quo


I couldn’t believe it. My friend and I went from talking about our days to getting in a serious debate over Twitter and Facebook statuses.

“I just think it’s so stupid that people have to tell everybody what they are doing all day long,” he said, pretty much yelling. I could feel the anger, the aggravation, the frustration.

I have a Facebook. I can update my status. I just don’t do it regularly. If I’m going out of town or have a song stuck in my head I might throw it out there. Overall I personally don’t think I need to tell everyone what I’m doing all the time. I don’t think they really care. If they did they’d call me right?

Another friend, Lauren, and I were at dinner one Saturday night, with no other plans or real intentions of going out, blaming the cold weather rather than our lack of money or perhaps lack of friends who throw parties. We were sipping on Ruby Relaxers when she pulled up her Facebook account on her BlackBerry.

“Listen to this one,” she said, laughing. “’I’m so bored at work, someone come visit me.’ Who cares!” We laughed. Then she started reading out the  one’s that list someone’s lame daily activities, for example: “About to go workout, then I’m going to drive home, after that I’m going to take off my clothes and go in the shower, I’ll probably get hungry after so I’m going to get Tropical Smoothie, yummy! Then I’m meeting my boo for a movie. Later we’re going to snuggle, what an exhausting day!” This is when the dislike button would come in handy.

Facebook and Twitter is starting to seem like the Mecca for stalkers. People are just making it easier for them by telling them exactly what they are doing all the time on their status. Then there’s Twitter.

I don’t personally have a Twitter, but I use to update the Twitter for the Mace & Crown (Old Dominion University’s student newspaper), so follow the Mace! Or stalk the Mace! Same difference, right?

I understand and certainly approve the use of Twitter for companies and organizations. In order to get people to know what events are coming up, new issues of the paper, upcoming sporting events or updates on scores and meetings, etc. I think is totally necessary. But the tweets that take the place of a regular Facebook status? Not so much.

I admit, when I watch ESPN and the anchors discuss tweets from athletes like Shaq and Larry Fitzgerald I think it’s interesting and usually very funny. But not everyone has something so clever to say.

My angered friend kept saying it’s dumb that people will tweet about being in work, or being bored, etc. I told him to do what I do. Don’t read them.

Same with Facebook. I like the statuses that are funny, the one’s that read like an FML post, or the ones that have lines from a song or read “I got a job!” But overall I just don’t read them, it’s so easy not to.

When you’re on your home page, don’t scroll down. It’s that simple. If you need to check out birthdays, just scroll down while simultaneously keeping your eyes directed to the right of the screen.

Social networking has its perks. We can talk to people without having to really talk to people. We can stay connected without really having strong connections. We can even get insight on what celebrities are doing if we care enough.

I’ve considered cleansing myself by deleting my Facebook. Maybe every time a Facebook is deleted an angel gets its wings. Every time a status is updated or a tweet arises about nothing interesting, someone will complain, someone will laugh, and someone will never read it.


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