Sex and the City 2: “I Am Woman”


Four women of the more glamorous side of New York City have gone through dramatic transformations in their lives, transformations relatable by most women. They have loved and lost, and are now wives and mothers.

Well not all of them. Thankfully, Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) is still representing for the single, sassy and successful ladies.

Before I get into details about the movie, I want to start by addressing that as a fan of the series and the first film I thought the second one was great. It wasn’t as dramatic as the first film but had very real, touching moments that forced the audience to connect with the characters.

Another great aspect of the film, besides the fashion and men, is the way the story plays out. Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) does her narration throughout the film like in any other episode.

The other great part of the narration is that in my opinion, it expresses feminist ideals. Overall the film focuses on marriage, dealing with children and menopause but also women’s sexuality and what that entails in other cultures.

The women of Sex and the City spend most of the film in the beautiful Abu Dhabi. Honestly, I can’t believe the United Arab Emirates had the cast film there because of its very liberating and very female focused sexual content. Also, most Americans associate the Middle East as a war zone, a place plagued with misunderstanding and mystery. I think that made the film so great.

At one point in the film the four fashionistas are sitting outside their glamorous hotel when they notice a woman eating French fries. She had everything but her eyes covered and had to slip a fry under her veil to eat them.

The foursome were shocked by the fact that she had to be so covered, and attempts to stay moderately dressed in the film to not disrespect the culture, or anger the men, was a little difficult for Samantha mostly because she suffered hot flashes.

I don’t want to ruin the film for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but seeing the women of Sex and the City (what I believe is a monument for the feminist movement because it was a show that discussed women having sex “like men,” and masturbating and being sexual beings without being associated with porn) surrounded by women who had to always hide their sexuality and their faces was an amazing contrast.

And just a little spoiler, seeing Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha singing karaoke to the song “I Am Woman” in Abu Dhabi was also amazing.

Before judging the movie based on how the women looked physically, their clothes, whatever petty thing a critic can judge in a film, think smart. Analytically, the film is true to the show and the characters, smart, sexy and all woman.


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