Nicky Poo… Nobody does Halloween better


Blah blah blah… everyone knows that girls take it upon themselves to look extra slutty on Halloween.  Slutty bee…slutty police officer…slutty Red Riding Hood…slutty cat.

The only problem I see with this is that I hardly ever see guys get slutty for Halloween, or go “all out” in general. There’s a lack of shock and spiciness. I have always admired those who grin and “bare” it with their costumes.

For a while I never got that joy and fulfillment of seeing a half naked guy on Halloween (with a nice body or not), until my dear friend Nick. Or as I like to call him, Nicky Poo.

“I don’t really think you have to be a girl to get involved with dressing up. I think any person with a good personality who likes to have fun will dress up,” Nicky Poo said.

Nicky Poo will out dress any bitch on Halloween. As soon as you think you see a girl showing a crazy amount of skin, Nicky Poo rolls up in a Speedo and bowtie, dressed up as a Chippendale dancer. His favorite past Halloween costume was when was the devil. He wore black tight biker shorts and painted himself with red latex paint then covered himself with Baby Oil.

“It was a bitch to get off,” he said. When he tried to get it off, he turned his friend’s shower completely red and had to slowly peel off the remains.

Nicky Poo works hard to get himself ready for his slutty Halloween costumes. Because he chooses such revealing costumes, he makes sure his body is intact. His workout plan consists of at least an hour and a half of cardio four times a week and a strict diet where he only consumes water, Adderall, Orbit gum and oatmeal.  I’ve questioned this diet he does, thinking it isn’t very healthy or safe. But, Nicky Poo’s determination always wins that argument.  He does it anyway.

His extreme dieting starts two months before Halloween, but he gets into ultimate overdrive once October starts.  “I’ve probably lost 30 pounds since I graduated (high school) but close to 70 since my freshman year of high school,” he said.

Despite the amount of weight he has lost, Nicky Poo thinks he could always be thinner. I always thought that dressing up in close to nothing on Halloween would just put more pressure on him to eat less and do more extreme dieting. But despite it all, when it comes to Halloween he prefers to wear the slutty costumes anyway.

He said, “I wear revealing costumes because I’m a gay man. You either starve yourself, spray tan, and wear skimpy costumes or you cover up and be something funny so people will laugh at you… I prefer to be a slut… It’s just more fun!”

Nicky Poo has gone to East Carolina University for the past four years for Halloween, and I was there with him for two of them.  One thing I know about his costume choices is that I respect his bravery for revealing so much. He said his friend’s love his costumes.

When I asked him if he ever worries about what people will think about his costumes he said, “I don’t give a shit what people say…I look good!”

He has had trouble getting in a bar as the Chippendale in ECU however. With the help of a girlfriend’s convincing he was able to finally get in. “The bouncer was only jealous because I looked better than him,” He said.

His advice to other’s who want to make sure they look great in their costumes is for them to purge. “And if they don’t want to ruin their teeth, get your fat ass on a treadmill,” he said.

This may all seem ridiculous, but as a friend I see this as classic “Halloween” Nicky Poo.  I never agreed fully with his diet plan or purging, and you don’t have to either. But, Nicky Poo is the most determined and dedicated man I’ve ever met when it comes to wanting to change his body image (for Halloween or any day). He sticks to his plan and has crazy will power, and I admire that.

This year for Halloween he’s going to be the Naked Cowboy. He’ll be wearing white underpants, cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and will accessorize with a plastic guitar. I admire that, too.


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