Welcome to The After Party

In high school they were pretty much the only four boys in their small town in Manhattan, Kansas who strutted in tight pants. They were the only four who formed a band, too.

“We didn’t really fit in,” Alan, 19, the drummer, said. In high school people would tell us we were wasting our time. Then once we started travelling and gaining popularity people kind of realized we’re actually doing it.”

“It takes a lot of faith,” Kenny, 21, the lead singer, said.

“We were really the only guys at our school that were into the whole music scene so we naturally came together and became good friends,” Alan said.

Alan and his twin brother Andy’s father is also very into music, so they got support from him. Kenny said his mother is a huge fan, and Brandon, 20, the bassist, said when they were starting out his mother was more concerned with him passing school.

The After Party is a self-proclaimed new-age boy band, and they take pride in their sound.

“We embrace it,” Andy said. “We take pride in harmonizing.”

“We don’t get too crazy with it, we don’t wear silver spandex or anything,” Alan said. Alan also said they don’t choreograph their stage performance or anything like what one would expect from *NSYNC or The Backstreet Boys.

“We have the sound of[a boy band], but we play our own instruments,” Kenny said.

The After Party is still fairly new, having had their first EP, “All The Wrong Places,” released in 2009. Their latest EP which is self titled was released on April 4, 2011.

“Definitely a lot better than the first EP was,” Kenny said on the production process of their latest release. “We matured as writers, had a lot more experience.”

Alan said his favorite track on the EP is “Can’t Stop,” which was the first song they performed at Club Relevant in Virginia Beach on May 13. Brandon, 20, bassist, likes “Secret Lover.” They performed acoustic versions of their tracks on local TV station Fox 43 earlier that day.

“’Hey Little Miss’ has been my baby…I’ve worked on that song for so long and I always had so much faith in it and finally it got put in the album, it’s so awesome to see it,” Kenny said.

They made a music video for their track “Come On, Come On” in Houston after being on MTV’s Teen Cribs in Austin. Andy and Alan’s uncle was contacted by MTV because they wanted to shoot a house in his neighborhood, so the band got to be the teens.

As they continue touring through the North East, they hope to continue making music and turning it into a career.

“[We want] to be millionaires,” Kenny said, which was followed by the rest of the band laughing.

“I know for a fact we will probably not become millionaires,” Brandon said. “Eventually we’ll be too old to be touring and stuff so at that point hopefully our career will be big enough that we can move on into recording or writing or whatever we want to do in the music industry.”

“You never know…it can transfer into something that can go on and on,” Andy said. “Like the Rolling Stones.”

“We wouldn’t be opposed to that,” Brandon said.

The After Party has more tracks that they plan to release starting with a single this summer and more in 2012. They’re music can be heard on Facebook.


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