Super Prime parties like it’s the 1990s

Who would have thought a drum set, a bass, a guitar and two mics could serve as a time machine. There they were, Adam Newall (vocals, guitar), Austin Bond (vocals, bass) and Marcus James (drums), rocking out reminiscent of 1990s pop-punk-rock. They go by Super Prime, a name that encompasses their work ethic and their … Continue reading

Welcome to The After Party

In high school they were pretty much the only four boys in their small town in Manhattan, Kansas who strutted in tight pants. They were the only four who formed a band, too. “We didn’t really fit in,” Alan, 19, the drummer, said. In high school people would tell us we were wasting our time. … Continue reading

Oversat new EP “Mixed Signals” translates transatlantic

When Jeremiah LongBear from the band Oversat was younger, he would hang out with his mother while she was working at a hotel by a police station. Stricken with boredom he moseyed on over to a dumpster and noticed it was filled with cassette tapes. “I pulled my Mom’s wagon up to it and loaded … Continue reading

Less Than Jake “still doing their thing”

Less Than Jake have become professionals over the years when it comes to touring and staying together as a band.  They have been a band for about 16 years and met in Gainesville while they were all attending the University of Florida. Chris Demakes, a chiropractor by day and the lead singer and guitarist of … Continue reading

Keeping up with Jesse Chong

Virginia Beach’s Jesse Chong has a change in his lineup. The reggae/rock performer who plays virtually every night in Hampton Roads (especially the Ocean Front) had a baby boy on August 24 at 5:20 p.m. Jaden is his first child, and hopefully not the last, Jesse said.  After Jaden was born, Jesse took a month … Continue reading

Robert Smith’s love for creativity shines in Musicplayer

Robert Smith gave his band, or “project,” the name Musicplayer because that is what they do.  This is an electric guitar, bass and drum combo that serves as Smith’s creative outlet. “Music is just my life, it’s what I do,” he said. He plays guitar, makes beats and his first instrument was the piano which … Continue reading

Wes. GOLDENWEST. Simply the best.

After drinking a Rockstar energy drink, he took that mic and that stage as an opportunity to introduce Virginia Beach to GOLDENWEST. “I went to the concession stand and bought a Rockstar, it was my first energy drink in a month because I don’t have the money to buy a $3 drink on the road, … Continue reading

Check out Rich Whiskey!

Rich Whiskey will be playing on Saturday, Oct. 9 (tonight) at Hell’s Kitchen in Norfolk, Va. The start performing at 10 p.m. and they will be back in Virginia Beach, at Keagan’s, on Oct. 20.

Local band Long Division brings instrumental to the Taphouse July 31

See instrumental band Long Division play at the Taphouse in Ghent (Norfolk) on July 31!

Rock Star Lifestyle: Warped Tour 2010 band interviews

A different day a different state becomes the routine lifestyle for the bands of Warped Tour. Some tour for the whole summer, other’s for just a few weeks. Band members rotate between playing shows in the hot and sticky summer sun, to selling merchandise and signing a few autographs for fans here and there. Backstage … Continue reading