Check out Rich Whiskey!

Rich Whiskey will be playing on Saturday, Oct. 9 (tonight) at Hell’s Kitchen in Norfolk, Va. The start performing at 10 p.m. and they will be back in Virginia Beach, at Keagan’s, on Oct. 20.

Local band Long Division brings instrumental to the Taphouse July 31

See instrumental band Long Division play at the Taphouse in Ghent (Norfolk) on July 31!

Rock Star Lifestyle: Warped Tour 2010 band interviews

A different day a different state becomes the routine lifestyle for the bands of Warped Tour. Some tour for the whole summer, other’s for just a few weeks. Band members rotate between playing shows in the hot and sticky summer sun, to selling merchandise and signing a few autographs for fans here and there. Backstage … Continue reading

Local musician Jesse Chong is humbled greatness

I had the pleasure of interiviewing and seeing Jesse Chong play at several venues at the Virginia Beach Ocean Front. He’s crazy talented and crazy awesome. He’s been playing guitar since he was 13 and his favorite songs of his include “Sweet Summer Parade” and “Backroom.” Check out his MySpace to see where he’ll be playing next!