BEACH BUM IN THE BIG APPLE PART 7: When Life’s Lemons are Sweet

Dammnnnn. I haven’t posted anything in a year, exactly, one year and some days. Well, I’m back… literally and figuratively, where I left off. Sort of.

Like in my last post, I’m fishing for a job again. But! this time it’s much better. So after I graduated from grad school (I can’t believe it’s been a year already!) I got a job as a production assistant at NBC. I work on an overnight shift from midnight to 8 in the morning, Monday through Friday. I have been editing video, pitching stories, working with graphics and writing for the Early Today show on NBC and for First Look on MSNBC.

It’s been the most challenging work schedule to adjust to. I still feel incredibly lucky to have gotten this opportunity, and to work with the team I work with… they are true champions of the night. But it was a one year contract, and my year ends in April. Right around my 26th birthday. Whoa.

So I’ve been applying for jobs again, hoping to stay on the TV track. I love it! And I’ve been writing mostly sports, which I hope to continue doing. I can’t believe how fast the year is going, and I’m glad I still have some time.

And there’s that looming deadline.

I’ll say this, though, over the years and throughout my time in NYC I haven’t lost my optimism when it comes life in general, and when it comes to getting a job. I say that now. I hope my next post won’t be about me living back at home, even though I definitely miss being home at times. But I still love living in NYC and feel like it’s absolutely where I want to be right now, but I miss home. Now the hardest part about going back to Virginia Beach is feeling like I can never be there long enough.

I miss my family so much. It’s still hard. Then I think about my friend Courtney, who is out in Indonesia for the Peace Corps. She won’t be able to come back to VB until she’s done. I have no idea how in the hell I could do that. And home is NOT the same without her! I miss her so much! She’s amazing. Courtney has two years, and she’ll be completely done with year number one in April! So whenever I miss home I think about how brave she is for being so far away from her family and her friends and from everything that’s familiar to her for two years. And I tell myself to stop being a little bitch. And then I call my ma. And then I cry. And then she tells me, in a nice way, to stop being a little bitch.

Anyway. Here I go again on my owwwnnnn! I’m still chugging along in the Big Apple. I’m still excited about whatever lies ahead. I’m still the same ol’ V.

And for my 26th birthday, I’d like a job. Round two! WOOOO!

***Thank you so much for reading this. 🙂 And I’m sorry this post is a little all over the place! ***

2 Responses to “BEACH BUM IN THE BIG APPLE PART 7: When Life’s Lemons are Sweet”
  1. Jacob H. says:

    Even though you have not posted in a while, it was refreshing to get caught up on your life. It was really easy to get lost in your writings. I hope you keep it up, and most of all I hope you are happy doing what ever it is you are doing.

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