Keeping up with Jesse Chong

Virginia Beach’s Jesse Chong has a change in his lineup. The reggae/rock performer who plays virtually every night in Hampton Roads (especially the Ocean Front) had a baby boy on August 24 at 5:20 p.m.

Jaden is his first child, and hopefully not the last, Jesse said.  After Jaden was born, Jesse took a month off from performing and has been going through every emotion as a new father.

Q: Is being a dad affecting your show scheduling (since you play pretty much every night)? Are you tired? Have you been puked on yet?

JC:  I took a month off when he was first born, but the memories are lost in a haze of bodily fluids and all nighters, kind [of] like the first month of college.  Speaking of which- I have been puked on, but coming from the bar business it’s not the first time and probably not the last.

Q: Are you excited to be a daddy!?! How has it been so far?

JC: Being a father has elicited every emotion possible from pure joy to sheer terror. So far it’s been a set of evolving challenges and tests of stamina, kind of like the show American Gladiator except I don’t get a cool name like Ice or Laser.

Q: Do you sing to Jaden? Does he like a specific song of yours?

JC: I will do pretty much anything to make him stop crying which has included singing, beat-boxing, and dressing up in tights and dancing with him.  I have a feeling that last part may have the reverse effect when he gets a little older, but hey- whatever works!

Q: What are your hopes for Jaden? Do you hope he will be musical too?

JC: Of course I hope he’s going to be musical. How else is he supposed to get girls- his personality? Puh-leeze! In all seriousness my greatest hope for him is that he’s happy.  He’s smiled and laughed a few times and I have to tell you there’s nothing that makes me happier than his toothless, drooly grin.

Jesse is back in action performing at the Ocean Front at H2O tonight (Dec. 10) and on Dec. 13 at Murphy’s and Dec. 14 at LunaSea.


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