Thanks for nothing, Jerry Springer


Call it trashy…lewd…pointless even. An embarrassment to American society, maybe. I call it… entertaining.

I don’t mean to condone this type of television behavior, but it’s like a train wreck to me and I just can’t look away.

Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos and Maury Povich have become dear friends to me this summer. I could always rely on their shows when it wasn’t nice enough out to go to the beach or if I just didn’t have any day plans. Or if I just felt like watching deliciously trashy television.

And I get very into these shows. You can hear me yell “Damn!” “Oh hell no! What?!” Or “F*** that s***!” I have a potty mouth, sorry.

In many ways some of the things I’ve seen on these shows have been tragic, very tragic. With accusations of child neglect, child abuse, child molestation. Or those pregnant teens that come in from broken homes needing support, totally ignorant when it comes to birth control methods and self respect.

And now, thanks to all of this bad television, I’m starting to wonder. See, I also love watching Cheaters and Taxicab Confessions. Do all men cheat?

Of course I’m becoming just like 90 percent of American people who take what they see on TV/media too seriously. To my knowledge I have never even been cheated on, but it seems so second nature to the people on these shows.

And yes I know some of it probably isn’t even real, and these people might be making up these stories to get on television (a sick and very sad assumption). BUT! Many of these people on here cheating always say cheating is part of nature. “All men cheat,” “everyone makes mistakes.”

I think it is funny when the people on the show admit that they have been cheated on before by the person that they are with and say they didn’t think he or she would do it again. Come onnnn. I have always heard that people never change, regardless there is no way in hell a relationship can ever be the same once that trust is broken.

I could never cheat on someone. I could never take back someone who cheated on me either. I’d be too pissed and skeptical to trust that person again.

The worst is when the man is cheating on his wife/girlfriend/partner because “she spends too much time with their kids and doesn’t give him enough attention.” And it’s disgusting when the woman is cheating on her husband/boyfriend/partner because “he spends too much time working.” Some of them even say they are cheating just because they think their partner is cheating too. Circus.

On a positive note, my parents celebrated their 24-year anniversary this June. Married for 24 years with two kids! I know those 24 years haven’t been all flowers and unicorns.

I asked my ma if all men cheat and she said no. “People who are really in love don’t cheat,” she said.

Well, I’m going to stay optimistic and hopeful that not all men or women cheat. And I’m not going to punish anyone I date by assuming that they are cheating either.

For now, in order to stop wondering if Jerry, Steve and Maury are simply showcasing the fact that all men and women cheat, it’s like I have two options. I can stop watching this trashy television and/or just know that I would never cheat.

OK I’m still going to keep watching these shows. It’s almost like I keep watching these shows with hopes that the people coming on “are the father” and “told the truth.” In the end, at least I know my truth!


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