Repost, reblog, repin, like. Sharing is caring.

*Opinion* When our parents told us as kids that we had to share, we did it. But usually because we knew we’d get in trouble if we didn’t (well, if you were a brat kid like I was…). Now, nobody has to tell us twice to share. On a recent day at my summer internship, … Continue reading

Big island- bigger ideas: physical therapy app developed in Hawaii

An app was developed to help individuals inquire more information about physical therapy treatments- for free. The app is striving to promote change in the United States’ health care system and its gaining attention, thanks to its accessibility. was officially established in 2007 by founder/CEO Hawaiian resident Keith Krugh. The app was rated the … Continue reading

Facebook, Twitter exceeding “status” quo

Facebook statuses and some Tweets are getting a little too ridiculous. Why do individuals feel the need to let everyone know exactly what they’re doing and where every second?

It’s hard out there for a grad…or is it?

After graduating college, many individuals warn that the job market is tough. I think we should be a little more optimistic and open minded.